Custom Duties & Taxes

Customs Clearance and Duties

Please read the following statement carefully. Payment for the order will signify your agreement or acceptance of the following statement.

Why do you need to pay customs duties?

Our warehouses are located in China, so when you buy wholesale clothing in Vdesign Fashion, the packages will be shipped to you via DHL/UPS/FedEx/SeaCargo/AirCargo from China.

Customs of various countries usually require that goods shipped from other countries need to pay duty or taxes based on certain considerations, the specific amount can only be determined by the customs of each country.

The amount you pay in Vdesign Fashion only includes the products price and the corresponding freight, excluding customs duties.
Here is a guide from DHL, you can read it for more information.

Personal Tax ID or Corporate Tax number

Please fill in your Tax ID or VAT number (Business Number in Canada) and Business Name when making payment. The customs will withhold customs duties based on it, so you are responsible for confirming that it is correct.

If you do not have a Tax ID or VAT number, please fill in your ID number or Passport Number. In most countries, this has the same effect as a Tax ID.

How to pay customs duties?

When the package arrives at your country, the local customs or logistics company will notify you by phone or email to pay customs duties. The notification will state the exact amount of customs duties.

Please complete the payment according to the notification you received.

After payment, the logistics company will continue to deliver the package to you.

Package delivery time

You need to pay customs duties within 7 days of receiving the notification. The time waiting for you to pay customs duties will not be included in the order delivery time.

If you fail to pay customs duties on time, it will be deemed to have refused to pay customs duties by the local customs.

After-sales and disputes

Vdesign Fashion only provides after-sales service for orders that have paid customs duties. Please click here for after-sales service.

1. Refusal to pay customs duties will result in the package being unable to be delivered or being destroyed by the local customs. You will voluntarily bear all losses and liabilities. Vdesign Fashion will not refund you for this reason, and you will lose the right to apply for after-sales service to Vdesign Fashion.

2. Vdesign Fashion will not accept any form of payment disputes for orders that have not been delivered due to refusal to pay customs duties.

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